Special LIFE magazine; Future Memorial and Museum

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Several weeks ago, at the grocery store, I noticed and bought a special LIFE magazine about Anne Frank on the 70th anniversary of her diary’s first publication. It is no longer available at my grocery store, but it may be at yours. The magazine bar code states, “display until 8/11/17,” so they must have sold out.  Heartening to know there is still interest in Anne and her life story.

Amazon has it. Here is the full title (eu.pn does not allow links to amazon) for you to search in google: LIFE Anne Frank: The Diary at 70: Her Life and Her Legacy. It’s good and they name a few people I had not known of before. I should add them to my people pages. That will take a while as this site is on the back burner these days.

Some bits of news in here I didn’t know about: a future museum and a memorial (I’ll brief you on them below). The magazine goes over Anne’s entire life and legacy, though not going into great detail about the content of her diary. Curiously, the magazine makes no mention of the play, ANNE, which ran its course in Amsterdam and closed. My Netherlands contact tells me the Anne Frank Fonds is looking for new cities to host the well-done, expensive, and technically advanced production.

In Amsterdam‘s former Jewish Quarter, there is a plan for a Dutch Holocaust memorial, designed by Daniel Libeskind. I found an article in the New York Times about it. If and when it gets through the entire approval process, it will have many spaces to walk in, all made of bricks with Dutch victim names laser-etched on (Jewish and otherwise). The project’s web site includes a well-done computer simulation of the park-like memorial. In the meantime, there is the Joodsmonument online. It only has the Jewish victims.

Anne was born in Frankfurt and spent the first few years of her life there. In Frankfurt, the Frank Family Centre is set to open in 2018. It sets out to present Anne’s family history, in the context of the times and place, out to the larger world, through the Holocaust. There are many artifacts (artwork, documents, furniture) that will be on display: Anne’s ancestors first came to Frankfurt as early as the 1500s.

Back to the LIFE magazine. They appropriately bring up the relevance of Anne’s story today. There are millions of refugees today and more trying to flee violence. Anne was a refugee. Her father’s diligence and ingenuity gained his family refuge to the Netherlands. After about 10 years, when the Nazis violently took over that country, he sought refuge in other countries, including the US. He was not granted refuge, and he turned to hiding the family. The magazine fails to mention the complications of how many more people live in Europe today (almost double, by a quick online search), and the ongoing terrorist acts committed by people claiming the faith of most of the refugees. Anne’s story nonetheless does ask us to think about our position on the refugee crisis.

“New” theory of the raid on the Annexe.. really?

The AFH has published (online) a “new” theory that the people hiding in the secret annexe may not have been betrayed at all. Frankly, there is nothing new about this theory. The serious investigators, such as Muller, did not claim that there was a betrayer, just that betrayal was one good theory. A significant reward was offered for finding hidden Jews during the German occupation of The Netherlands. The real story of the cause of the raid is unknown. People investigate possible betrayers, because it is important to find out what the real story was. Seven lives perished – why? That is the real question at the root, not a vengeance thirst. Curiosity and tenacity to find the truth is a laudable human characteristic. When we learn the truth, we have a better hope of moving forward making better choices and recognizing potential problems. The article’s point is a good one, but not nearly as dramatic or new a supposition as they present it. “But no one has cast serious doubts about the betrayal theory — until now.” Absurd.


The article: http://www.annefrank.org/arrest

(Thanks to both a co-worker and my NL contact for telling me about this.)

Happy New Year — here is a much more detailed look at this theory, with researchers and authors of Anne Frank books commenting about this “new” research.


Thanks to my NL contact for this link!

Bloeme Evers Died, Pope Visits Auschwitz

Bloeme Evers recently died. She had just recently turned 90 years old. I have a brief summary of her fascinating life story in that link. Here is where the death information came from: news item (in Dutch).

Auschwitz is one of the places where Bloeme Evers knew the Franks. Pope Francis recently visited that concentration camp, where Anne and the rest hidden in the Annexe were taken after the raid on their hiding place. Some of them died there, or were murdered outright. Others were sent elsewhere where they died. Only Anne’s father, Otto, survived. BBC News covered the Pope’s visit. He was speechless.

Anne Frank diary documentary

The Magic of The Diary of Anne Frank will air on the Denver area’s alternative Public Broadcasting System station, channel 12.1 at 7PM on Wed, May 18th. It lasts an hour. The link below includes a 30-second promo. It sounds like a talking heads documentary with a lot of old photos and other such context presented. People, including famous people, speak about what her diary means to them. [8-1-2016 I liked this very good documentary, it was much better than the trite commentary I pessimistically expected. SM]

After that documentary, Run Boy Run (2014) will air (8pm): it is a dramatization of a true story of a young Jewish refugee during WWII (length: about an hour 2 hours). It is closely based on the 2003 novel of the same name, which itself is based on a true story. The boy was only 9 years old and on his own in Nazi-occupied Poland. [8-1-2016 It was very intense and compelling. I highly recommend it. A note is it’s all in Polish, with English subtitles. SM]


Here is a link to more info on Run Boy Run:

If you are not in the Denver area: though don’t see a full length video of either movie online, I do see Run Boy Run in my public library as a DVD. You can check your library (and interlibrary loan) if interested in that documentary.