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Bloeme Evers Died, Pope Visits Auschwitz

Bloeme Evers recently died. She had just recently turned 90 years old. I have a brief summary of her fascinating life story in that link. Here is where the death information came from: news item (in Dutch).

Auschwitz is one of the places where Bloeme Evers knew the Franks. Pope Francis recently visited that concentration camp, where Anne and the rest hidden in the Annexe were taken after the raid on their hiding place. Some of them died there, or were murdered outright. Others were sent elsewhere where they died. Only Anne’s father, Otto, survived. BBC News covered the Pope’s visit. He was speechless.

Hello Silberberg has Died

Helmuth “Hello” Silberberg has Died.

Seems he died on 1 July 2015, aged 89. Like Anne, he was originally from the Netherlands and spent part of the war in hiding. I’ll update the people info this weekend with his date of death.

Thanks to my Netherlands contact for the info.

Buddy Elias

Anne’s Cousin and head of the Anne Frank Foundation, Buddy Elias, has died at the age of 89.

New York Times article

And an article from a few years ago, in the New York Times

(Thanks to my NL contact for notifying me of this news.)

Cor Suijk has passed away

Cor Suijk (who I do not have on the people page, because Anne did not know him and I have to draw the line somewhere on the distant people page), passed away on Wednesday, the 4rd. He was a close friend of Otto Frank (Anne’s father) and very helpful with research for Melissa Muller’s excellent Biography of Anne. In later years, he gave tours, so has a web site.

From the web site:

“Cor Suijk was President of the Contemporary Holocaust Education Foundation ( in New York and CEO Emeritus of the Anne Frank House Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is renowned for his efforts to bring the “Anne Frank in the World” exhibit throughout the world. A Dutch Christian, who helped Jews during World War II, he is a survivor of imprisonment by the Germans.”

A small death notice page.