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Anne Frank Portrait in Tulips

Dutch artist, Lente de Dwaas, has begun planting a long-awaited tulip bed that will form a color portrait of Anne Frank. The project began several years ago and was nearly cancelled during the worldwide economic crisis. Donors came through, including the Netherlands royal family. The tulip colors and types were carefully planned five years ago and over 47,000 tulip bulbs have been nurtured in Queen Beatrix’s assorted gardens since.

Over 100 volunteers are replanting the now-grown tulips following the artist’s plan. The garden is in Amsterdam’s largest park, Vondelpark. The tribute garden should be complete by Mayday and will remain for at least two years. A temporary viewing stand is planned, but not yet funded. When skies are clear, Anne’s joyful face will be large enough to be seen in detail via satellite.

  1. BBC News article has the most details
  2. New York Times article has a computer-modeled image
  3. CNN story includes information about the artist

Secret Annex Board Game on Ebay

[board game] There is an ebay auction of an old Dutch secret annex board game. The auction is in Dutch, too. The best translation I could get verifies it is a board game, dated 1955. Apparently, most of the game takes place within the annex and Amsterdam, so it’s not horribly morbid, but I’m not surprised the game did not catch on (at least I never heard of it before). The bidding ends tonight and has gone over 150 euros as I write this (early morning).

Theory about Otto Frank

There is a new theory that Anne’s father was an evil mastermind, a controlling, humorless personality.
But this would mean that so many people were wrong about him. All the loyal helpers, who agreed to risk their lives and did so for over two years, keeping the people in hiding alive and safe. And not only that, these helpers continued to be good friends with him during the decades after he returned from Auschwitz. Also it would mean he fooled his second wife and his step-daughter. And his biographer, Carol Ann Lee. Most significantly, it would mean he fooled his daughter, Anne Frank. She misinterpreted things he did for her and the good fun they had (for example, the Paula stories).
But if this theory is correct, should we believe much of anything Anne (and the others) wrote? What was her mother really like? And their situation and her experiences? Time to toss her diary out? (Well I wouldn’t go quite so far as that, but you can read the theory yourself: extensive, intense, heavily footnoted report.)