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Site More Compatible with Mobile Devices

It took a lot of effort: I’ve made the website more mobile-compatible. If you spot something that doesn’t work when other things very similar to it do work, then please let me know. There are some things I just don’t have the time to do and don’t see mobile devices as appropriate (deep study kinds of things), so not all of it is mobile compatible. The movies are not available because I hear they either wouldn’t work or would be too slow. I also did not put alternative-sized images on due to restrictions on the amount of images one can have on this free web hosting service.

If you appreciate my web site, donations are welcome. The hosting service won’t let me post the donate button here, but it is on the about site page.

Anne Frank Online Exhibit by Google (plus a note on

The Google Cultural Institute site about Anne Frank is quite good. It makes good use of the flashy things you can do on web pages. They briefly go over her life (and her living on after death via her diary), yet they provide exceptional detail in other ways: photos you can examine and short videos. So they are brief yet include things that other sites do not. It’s quite unique. You’ll catch on soon enough about how to navigate it. The site does not go into what she wrote in her diary, which is probably just as well. It is pretty hard to capture her spirit. Then again, you can examine the pictures on her wall in the hiding place and see a sense of humor and of beauty is evident in her choices.

Here I’ve included an example of how closely you can examine an image: the back roof of the secret annexe. It was sometimes through that window she and Peter sat together and looked out, watching the clouds drift by. They would sit there in the attic, keeping low to be out of sight of anyone who might chance to look up there. Below is Miep Gies, one of the helpers, in an advertisement film from before the war reached Holland.

Of special note for this site, the Anne Frank Diary Reference, you can very closely examine two pages from Anne’s first diary.

Special thanks to my wonderful NL contact for spotting the Google Cultural Institute site!

On a different note, if you don’t like how long is, you can use Both URLs point to the same place.

Legacy of Anne Frank in organizations and events about her

The current issue of the very popular European magazine, Der Speigel, includes an article about the organizations named for Anne Frank and some upcoming events in publishing and museums. The article also briefly goes over essential disputes between the two most prominent AF organizations. The title of the article is “How Well Do We Know Anne Frank?” It explores different perspectives on Anne and issues in remembering her, including the question of exploiting her popularity in our profit-driven world. From that link, you can get a pdf of the article by hitting the print link and then Destination: Change, then find the pdf option. Pretty nifty.
    If you can get your hands on the actual magazine, there are several pictures, past and present. The online version does not appear to have them.

In a separate note, if you can read this, then I have successfully moved the site to the no-ads free site hosting I found: Welcome!

Thanks to my ever-watchful NL contact for the Der Speigel info!

Fundraising Feedback Wanted

Please let me know if you may be interested in contributing to this web site (i.e. site hosting fees) via buying things with designs such as the two below. Using cafepress mugs as an example, their base price is about $23 (includes shipping it). I’d be adding about $1-4 as your donation, so your price would be up to $27. I only want to establish interest levels and feedback, here. I posted this on the main page a week or so ago and have heard absolutely nothing! Pretty discouraging.. is in no way, any commitment to buy.

Something I didn’t mention in the original notice is the tiny text in the designs is a thank you for supporting

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Sigh! Site Continued for Six Months

This site’s hosting has been continued for six months to 15 April 2012. It took six days’ attempts and four calls to yahoo customer service (the shortest was 25 minutes) to get the term changed (a one-time no-charge switch their site was applicable, their software just wouldn’t let it happen) at last. I guess you get what you pay for in hosting, as anywhere. Please donate what you can to this web site. Given the number of visitors this site gets, it should easily pay its own way via visitor donations. It would be better for my sanity if there was 9+ months’ of money saved.

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