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Anne Frank diary documentary

The Magic of The Diary of Anne Frank will air on the Denver area’s alternative Public Broadcasting System station, channel 12.1 at 7PM on Wed, May 18th. It lasts an hour. The link below includes a 30-second promo. It sounds like a talking heads documentary with a lot of old photos and other such context presented. People, including famous people, speak about what her diary means to them. [8-1-2016 I liked this very good documentary, it was much better than the trite commentary I pessimistically expected. SM]

After that documentary, Run Boy Run (2014) will air (8pm): it is a dramatization of a true story of a young Jewish refugee during WWII (length: about an hour 2 hours). It is closely based on the 2003 novel of the same name, which itself is based on a true story. The boy was only 9 years old and on his own in Nazi-occupied Poland. [8-1-2016 It was very intense and compelling. I highly recommend it. A note is it’s all in Polish, with English subtitles. SM]


Here is a link to more info on Run Boy Run:

If you are not in the Denver area: though don’t see a full length video of either movie online, I do see Run Boy Run in my public library as a DVD. You can check your library (and interlibrary loan) if interested in that documentary.

Waiting in Line for Anne Frank: online link

This may only be up for a limited time. I have not had an opportunity to watch the entire hour long documentary, yet, but it looks excellent so far. Waiting in Line for Anne Frank. Already, at the start, it is very touching: to see a young teenager from Zimbabwe, where there have been terrible troubles in recent years, reading Anne’s words about seeing people lined up and ordered about by thugs (while we see the long patient line behind her to visit the museum on a bright sunny day), and to see other young teens, reading her diary, and to hear a now-American survivor who had also been in hiding tell his story.


12 May 2014

A note on the online movie: the green button on top is asking if you accept their cookies. Click it to say yes.

There are a few English speakers, so watch the whole thing. See my previous post about this documentary for an English 8 minute trailer, which has some footage not included in the movie.

And thanks to my frequent NL contact for this link!

Waiting in line for Anne Frank

My Amsterdam informant is ill in bed (get well soon!) but took the time to write to me about this amazing trailer for a documentary which is still in production. It will come to Netherlands TV at some point in the future. The trailer alone is very compelling. Teenaged girls reading excerpts from Anne’s brilliant diary help show how amazing the human spirit is, and Anne in particular, and is a good reminder to not underestimate young people. The memories of a Bergen Belsen survivor are also very compelling. All of the participants in the film are just people waiting in line to get into the Anne Frank House, stopping a moment for the filmmakers. It also looks beautifully filmed. I am looking forward to seeing this and will blog the link when it is online (assuming it becomes available online).

In other news, my informant explains (which the links below perhaps do not explain so well), that there is a new theater being built in Amsterdam’s port area. The Anne Frank Fonds is funding it. They will be putting on plays about Anne and the Holocaust and WWII and presumably the human spirit. The first is a new play about Anne, from the diary days into imprisoned times. This is pretty amazing because the Fonds is a small organization located in Switzerland. So they are branching out. It’s a good organization β€” bravo!



Thanks to my watchful informant, in pain with stomach flu β€” Get Well Soon

12 May 2014

Here is a link to the complete documentary online. It is mostly in Dutch, but there are a few English-speakers.